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Junior Consultant - Emendo Improvement


Emendo Improvement is part of Emendo Consulting Group. Our core business is operational excellence, which covers areas such as Lean, Process Optimization, Business transformations, Six Sigma and Digitalization enabling. We have during the last years experienced high growth within this area and we are now looking for a junior consultant to join us in the Emendo Improvement team.

Emendo means improvement, and that is the essence of what we do. We are driven by the belief that people are the main driver of development and growth. When a company need to make radical changes, it must work within the organization so employees themselves understand why change is needed and acquire the skills to make changes.


You will join the Emendo Improvement team and work with complex improvement projects alongside more experienced colleagues. You will both support and have own tasks in areas such as analysis, data collection, workshop participation and documentation. You will of course also be involved in preparing conclusions and recommendation for our customers. As your experience increases you will get more responsibility and own tasks.

You probably have a background as an engineer or a corresponding degree – and preferably you have knowledge or experience within the pharmaceutical industry. You are either newly graduated or have a few years of professional experience.

As person you…

  • … have a natural curiosity and eagerness to learn
  • … are analytical and have a logical way of thinking
  • … strive at finding pragmatic solutions to complex challenges
  • … have a natural authority, drive and are not afraid presenting to others
  • … are fluent in both Danish and English

Our tasks are often solved at the sites of our customers or in our office in Nordhavn. It is expected that you are flexible regarding workplace geography. If you become our new colleague, you will also influence the development of our company and be part of a great social environment.


Send a compelling application describing your profile and your background (incl. CV, academic transcripts, recommendations) below. We will continuously review applications and conduct interviews. For further information, contact Jakob Gardert Thorup (jt@emendo.com) or Line Egelund Pedersen (lp@emendo.com).

Emendo was founded in 2006 and is a fast-growing consulting company. We work with exciting tasks, mainly in large companies in and outside Denmark. Emendo is driven by the belief that people are the most important factor for development and growth. In order for a company to initiate real change, the organization must redefine itself to make the employees understand why change is necessary, and to guide the employees in their acquiring of the right skills to work towards the common goal of change. Learn more at www.emendo.com.


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