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Senior Consultant - Emendo Implementation


Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Senior Consultant - Emendo Implementation


Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

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We are looking for an experienced project manager / product owner in the IT / OT vertical, preferably with pharmaceutical industry experience to create immediate value at our customers

Who we are

We work with IT/OT implementations for companies with a positive impact on the world. We thrive in the gap between people, systems and processes to solve technical as well as organizational challenges and ensure that technology potential is transformed into business benefits. We are a young and dynamic organisation with a unique social environment. This is reflected in our Emendo Days and Emendo trips where we spend time outside the usual work setting to develop our competencies and socialize. We believe that our ability to perform at the highest level is directly linked to our collegial bond and simply having fun.

We are part of Emendo Consulting Group which was founded in 2006 and consist of 7 operational units each with a specific focus. One of these units is Emendo Implementation specialized in IT/OT implementations ensuring solutions fit for use, business processes are operational and projects are well planned, governed and executed. In Emendo Consulting Group we are currently 130+ employees with offices in Nordhavn (Copenhagen), Silkeborg, Kalundborg and Raleigh, USA. We work in several industries, but the majority of our tasks lie within the pharmaceutical industry.                   


We are looking for an experienced project manager / product owner who can very quickly step into the drivers seat on a work package, track or project for our customers. You will be required to draw upon your experience and knowledge, while very quickly assimilating a lot of information about the specific customer project and stakeholder map, as you are very likely required to deliver value immediately. Further, you will driving your track in close collaboration with other work package owners and Line of Business. In all likelihood, you will be working in an international and diverse team across Emendo and your customer.


  • You hold a master´s degree or equivalent
  • You have a proven track record of delivering projects within IT/OT, or from a Line of Business department implementing IT/OT solutions for 5-8 years
  • You can quickly establish strong project management / product owner within the team while at the same time facilitate and engage with solution architecture and validation concepts
  • You are a clear communicator, strong presenter and enjoy problem solving
  • Excellent English skills in spoken and written form
  • Danish skills is preferred otherwise expected to start to learn
  • Driver’s license is preferred

What you will be doing

  • All our consultants are on site working with clients and so will you
  • You will likely be joining a high impact project at our customer, and be required to deliver value from Day 2.
  • No matter which discipline your will be working with your name will resonate with getting things done on the projects that you are working on
  • You will often be found in workshops with the pen (or mouse if virtual) in your hand driving the workshop or supporting a more experienced colleague
  • You will be working with both technical, process and organisational challenges and be expected to deliver both the analysis work but also drive the solution implementation
  • You will build up a strong skill set within problem solving, process and solution design, organisational alignment and communication of complex challenges in clear recommendations
  • Mentor and train junior colleagues working together with you on your project


You will be valued for

  • Being you
  • Your enthusiasm in trying to solve stuff and overcome challenges that you haven´t been facing before
  • Your trust in your colleagues to share what is difficult and solve it together
  • Your support for colleagues that need a hand
  • Your curiosity that drives you to understand new processes, systems and reasons for human behaviour


What we offer

  • A valued voice in the room both directly at clients and at our office
  • Fun and opportunities to create good stories for companies that makes a difference
  • A mentorship programme where an experienced colleague will guide you
  • Tremendous colleagues to learn from on projects and at our office
  • Mandatory basic training, certifications and relevant courses as you like
  • Offices in Copenhagen with a nice view and splendid sup board opportunities in the summer
  • Emendo trips with your colleagues, social events and a good run on Fridays

Emendo offers an exciting and challenging job among good colleagues with an informal and humorous tone in an energetic environment. For the right candidate, it is a job in an innovative company with good career opportunities, great autonomy in the job and very few limitations.


Please address your application to Mikael Elley. All inquiries/applications will be treated strictly confidential. Submit your application as well as CV on our website



The link to your LinkedIn profile can be found here

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