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Junior Consultant/Consultant - Emendo Implementation


Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Junior Consultant/Consultant - Emendo Implementation


Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

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 We are looking for a newly graduate who thrives to solve challenges at a technical, process and organisational level.

Who we are

Emendo Implementation is a part of Emendo Consulting Group which was founded in 2006 and consist of 7 operational units, each with a specific focus.

Emendo Implementation is specialized in IT/OT implementations ensuring that solutions are fit for use, business processes are operational, and projects are well planned, governed and executed. We work in several industries, but most of our tasks lie within the pharmaceutical industry.

 We thrive in the gap between people, systems, and processes to solve technical as well as organisational challenges and ensuring that technological potential is transformed into business benefits. Emendo Implementation is a young and dynamic organisation with a unique social environment. We believe that our ability to perform at the highest level is directly linked to our collegial bond and simply having fun.

The Challenge

The impact on project directions from analysis work is critical for fit-to-purpose of the solution, timeline, quality and budget. Solutions are no longer only found in one system or process but are realised by interconnected systems, work processes and across organisational boundaries. As complexity has increased the qualifications for being a successful System and Business Analyst has increased as well. In Emendo we have a strong track record of bridging the gap between people, systems and processes and we need the best to be able to continue to support our clients with both analysis and project drive.

What you will be doing

You will be working with both technical, process and organisational challenges and be expected to deliver analysis and drive solution implementation. You will be working on site with clients and likely as part of a project team ensuring timely execution and meeting organisational needs.

You will be thrown into new challenges and build up new knowledge to deliver on tasks and provide valuable insights. You will often be found in workshops with a pen (or mouse if virtual) in your hand driving the workshop or supporting a more experienced colleague. You will build up a strong skill set within problem solving, facilitation, process and solution design, organisational alignment, and communication of complex challenges.

You will be valued for

  • Being you
  • Your enthusiasm in trying to solve issues and overcome challenges that you have not been facing before
  • Your trust in your colleagues to share what is difficult and solve it together
  • Your support for colleagues that need a hand
  • Your curiosity that drives you to understand new processes, systems and organsisational structures

Your qualifications

  • You hold a master´s degree or equivalent within e.g. IT, Engineering, Business Analysis, Innovation
  • You just finished university or have a few years of experience
  • Excellent English skills in spoken and written form
  • Danish skills are preferred
  • Driver’s license is preferred

What we offer

In Emendo Implementation we value the enthusiasm in trying to solve and overcome challenges, and we encourage to share learnings and experiences. Development is important to us, and we provide a mentorship programme where an experienced colleague will guide you. In addition, we also provide mandatory basic training, certifications, and relevant courses.

Emendo offers an energetic working environment with good colleagues and informal tone. For the right candidate it is a job in an innovative company with good career opportunities, high level of autonomy and a steep learning curve. Feel free to contact Mikael Elley (+45 24 83 62 01). All inquiries/applications will be treated strictly confidential.


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