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Vice President/Partner - Emendo Implementation

Vice president/partner within Emendo Implementation


We are looking for a key person to further strengthen our already strong business unit within Implementation (IT, OT, Agile, Mass deployment, digitalization).


Who we are

We work with IT/OT implementations for companies with a positive impact on the world. We thrive in the gap between people, systems and processes to solve technical as well as organizational challenges and ensure that technology potential is transformed into business benefits. We are a young and dynamic organization with a unique social environment. This is reflected in our Emendo Days and Emendo trips where we spend time outside the usual work setting to develop our competencies and socialize. We believe that our ability to perform at the highest level is directly linked to our collegial bond and simply having fun.


We are part of Emendo Consulting Group which was founded in 2006 and consist of 7 operational units each with a specific focus. One of these units is Emendo Implementation specialized in IT/OT implementations ensuring solutions fit for use, business processes are operational and projects are well planned, governed and executed. In emendo consulting group we are currently 90+ employees with offices in Nordhavn (Copenhagen), Silkeborg, Kalundborg and Raleigh USA. We work in several industries, but the majority of our tasks lie within the pharmaceutical industry.                   



We are looking for a Vice president/Partner who can act as a specialist, leader, and a senior executive consultant at the same time.


The potential of technology is moving at a faster pace than the implementation capabilities of major companies especially within regulated industries. At the same time we see a work force limitation which impacts big companies ability to scale major IT/OT implementation projects. We believe that overcoming these challenges requires a pragmatic, holistic approach with innovative ideas for how to improve the implementation journey and radically re-think methodologies for rolling out IT/OT solutions. We are a bunch of people who already work in exactly this domain and we want to strengthen the leadership level even more and bring in new perspectives and ideas.


You will be expected to be able operate with both delivering on projects while also building up implementation models that can ensure fast and robust IT/OT Implementations across the system hierarchy.




  • You hold a master´s degree or equivalent
  • You have experience from IT/OT implementation projects or from a Line of Business department working with IT/OT
  • You have a proven track record of delivering good stories within IT/OT implementations
  • You can lead and develop both specialists and generalists within project management, solution architecture and process design
  • You have excellent communication skills within sales and can clearly communicate how we can support our clients
  • You have a methodology to transform complexity (technical and organisational) into recommendation and clear actions.
  • You can mobilise engagement in the team you lead based on your enthusiasm and your approaches to drive progress
  • You have a talent for identifying weaknesses in processes, solutions and project approaches and ability to go beyond problem identification and into directions
  • You thrive in delivering on you own projects while operating and developing your business area
  • You are curious about technology potential and how it can be delivered to clients
  • You have expert domain knowledge within e.g. IT/OT project management, compliance, data integrity, solution architecture, ERP, MES or process level system implementation.


What you will be doing

You will have two jobs; Executing projects at our clients and operating and developing Emendo Implementation.


  • On the projects at our clients you will act as a specialist within your field or as an overall project manager. In both cases you will be leading a team of consultants as well as employees from the client side or other consultancies. You will be able to attract exciting projects for both yourself and colleagues.


  • In Emendo Implementation you will be part of the Leadership team and will be responsible for ensuring our values are kept while delivering good stories for our clients. You will strengthen the current leadership team with innovative approaches to develop the company and a high drive in delivering on already defined business objectives. You will be working with developing our client base and deliver good stories in new areas as well as strengthening further the areas we already operate in. You will be valued on your ability to extend our reach, bring in new ideas and execute on actions to further improve our business to provide good stories for our clients as well as our colleagues.


Emendo offers an exciting and challenging job among good colleagues with an informal and humorous tone in an energetic environment. For the right candidate, it is a job in an innovative company with good career opportunities, great autonomy in the job and very few limitations.



Feel free to contact Lasse Decker (+45 31767756) or Aditya Nagarajan (+45 24755010) for any questions regarding the position. All inquiries/applications will be treated strictly confidential.


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